Thursday, December 08, 2005

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I am on page 188 of this deliciously rich novel. I am truly enjoying Twilight.

I first read about it in The Arizona Republic, where I was shocked to discover that this book was borne out of a vivid dream. And on top of that, Stephenie Meyer has since received a $750,000 advance for this and two more books. After that, I turned to my laptop which houses my attempts at a far-fetched fantasy of a NY Times bestseller, and then slapped myself really hard. I mean, I've had some pretty intricate dreams and did I ever think to write about them? Noooo. Instead, my lazy ass continued to pine over visions of stardom while my fingers lay idly on my lap.
So, I decided to pick up the book after reading about all the reviews that gave her 5 stars. After I stopped staring at her picture on the jacket flap, and imagining what it felt like to actually publish a book that everyone likes, I began my reading. I am so glad that I did! Twilight is sooo good. It's not an "action-packed thriller". It's not a "girl meets boy and happily ever after". And it's definitely not a "girl sucks, gets a makeover, gets past a big hurdle and life is grand kind of book". Instead, there are characters that just jump out at you because they express themselves in an almost "real" kind of way. Bella, the main character, is full of the emotions that come with life and all of its confusions and hurdles. And Edward - I think he is stealing my heart away from my husband.

This book does involve vampires. At first, I was weary of this but now, the way Ms. Meyer has placed her characters into the average life , it kind of makes you look around and wonder what if? So far I've found myself rushing through to find out what will happen, but then slowing down because I do not want it to end. So yummy. I cannot wait to finish it, and when I do, I will post my final verdict.


Anonymous said...

Twilight rocks, hope you like the ending. *coughcough*

Taylor said...

Twilight is such a romantic story. I practically fell head over heels for Edward Cullen. If he were real he would be mine. I f u love Twilight you will definately love its sequel New Moon. You should also try Edward's version of Twilight, Midnight Sun.

Anonymous said...

I have ready tons of books in my life, and usually the whole vampire fake kinda thing doesn't interest me, but wow!!! this is the best book i have ever read in my life i am in love with it and its sequel, and i cant wait for number three, maybe edwards version, and the movie. i'm in love with edward. if he were real, man oh man would he be mine!!!!!

Amelia said...

Anonymous - I agree - Twilight does rock!!

Taylor - I,too, fell head over heals for Edward. Ms. Meyer did a fantastic job with his character! I have New Moon in my TBR pile. I've been holding off on starting it because I know that I will have to wait until next year for the third book. I will definitely check out Midnight Sun - thanks!! :)

Anonymous - Heh heh, Edward is hot stuff! I really hope that she doesn't just stop at 3 books. Twilight was soooooo good!

Anonymous said...

I too felt something for edward.
but reading the second one, made me feel so bad for bella.

ive never connected with a book so much in my life.
i read this book, and it made me think so much about my own life.
twilight was amazing, as was new moon.
i cant believe i have to wait till august to read the next.
its well worth it.


Anonymous said...

i am slowly starting to not like those books

they hold nothing to me anymore

probably the only reason i read them now-a-days is because my friends talk about the book so much and I would like to have a clue as to what they're talking about.

stephenie's books aren't very detailed, and i didn't think her character's were that well developed.

i think the only reason so many girls read those books is because they want to believe they can get a great looking boy friend and they are not, well, how should i say. they're not very pretty and kind of average looking.

and why do bella and edward "love" each other so much?

he's hot and she smells good?

there's no way.

it's unusual that such mediocre books get so much attention.