Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Candy Apple Dead by Sammi Carter cont...

This was a really good read. Nice and cozy getaway. The main character, Abby Shaw, had inherited a candy store from her aunt. She is also recovering from a divorce due to infidelity on her husband's part. Brandon Mills the local hottie and bad boy is murdered and her brother is accused of the crime. The novel revolves around Abby try to solve the murder and clearing her brother's name.

I would recommend this book to mystery readers, or anyone who just wants to solve a mystery minus the gore.

Please note that all of this information can be found on the back cover of the book. I make it a point to not give away the story.


Last night I went to see Narnia. I have to say that I loved it. I know that some people panned it. I have never read the books so maybe that made a difference. Either way, I thought it was great! The little girl who played Lucy was adorable. Too cute.

I remember as a child having fantasies that I was a long-lost royalty. I used to imagine that there would be a knock on the door and two men dressed in black would inform me that I was of royal descent. Of course, there was much more detail involved, but I won't bore you with that...

This movie sort of plays into those childhood fantasies. I used to love a show called The Littles. I used to imagine that there was a family, so small that they could fit into my palm, that lived in my house. I used to watch the corners of my house hoping that I would catch sight of them. I also believed in elves, magical four-leaf clovers (I used to search through batches of clovers determined to find the one with four leaves), and the guppies (does anyone remember Amazing Stories?? The one about bad kids and guppies in the closet??)

I recommend this movie. It really is enjoyable.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Candy Apple Dead by Sammi Carter

I just started this first in a new cozy mystery series last night. So far, I really like it. The main character, Abby, has inherited her Aunt's candy store, Divinity. Abby is learning to gain the trust of the townspeople as business has trickled down. The setting of the book is in Colorado. I have only read the first 15 pages and have not reached the obligatory "mystery murder".

I'm looking forward to continuing with it. :)

Books on order....

I have lots of yummy books on order coming in. Mmmmm....

The Accidental by Ali Smith
The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
All The Way Home by Wendy Corsi Staub
Last To Know by Wendy Corsi Staub
The Great Influenza by John M. Barry
Wifey/ Smart Woman by Judy Blume
Peach Cobbler Murder by Joanne Fluke ( I love her books!!)
The Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy
Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel
For Whom The Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway (I'm a Hemingway virgen)
Brothel: Mustang Ranch and its Women by Alexa Albert
Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
Out by Natsuo Kirino

The Reading Woman Calendar

This list does not include the many other books that I have purchased within the past few months. Let's just say that I have, well, 51 books piled by the side of my bed, not including the ones on shelves and in bins in my closet. These are all To Be Read. I've said it before - I am a certified Bookaholic.

Yummy Yummy Books Books

I have to say that I am disturbed by the number of book blogs that are being published. YOU GUYS ARE KILLING MY WALLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to peruse through these blogs to find out what's being read and whether or not it's a keeper. Of course, when the blogger raves about a book, then I get curious about the book. If it looks like I, too, will enjoy it, then I close my eyes and "Buy with 1-click" at Borders.com. Do you realize how detrimental this is to my wallet and my sanity? I cannot control myself. I can't stop buying books. I have a serious issue.

Lullaby and Goodnight cont...

I finished this book a couple of nights ago. For the most part, it was really good. The premise consists of a faceless sociopath who preys on pregnant women. We are introduced to Peyton, a strong and independent woman who is pregnant. She has been chosen as the next prey. What the stalker has in mind I will not tell you as I do not like to give away too many details when reviewing books.

I was not satisfied with the ending. I think that the author could've given the reader a little "extra" in tying things together.

All together, it was a very good book. Lots of suspense. A very good thriller.