Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Last night I went to see Narnia. I have to say that I loved it. I know that some people panned it. I have never read the books so maybe that made a difference. Either way, I thought it was great! The little girl who played Lucy was adorable. Too cute.

I remember as a child having fantasies that I was a long-lost royalty. I used to imagine that there would be a knock on the door and two men dressed in black would inform me that I was of royal descent. Of course, there was much more detail involved, but I won't bore you with that...

This movie sort of plays into those childhood fantasies. I used to love a show called The Littles. I used to imagine that there was a family, so small that they could fit into my palm, that lived in my house. I used to watch the corners of my house hoping that I would catch sight of them. I also believed in elves, magical four-leaf clovers (I used to search through batches of clovers determined to find the one with four leaves), and the guppies (does anyone remember Amazing Stories?? The one about bad kids and guppies in the closet??)

I recommend this movie. It really is enjoyable.

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