Thursday, April 13, 2006

Chocolate Dipped Death by Sammi Carter

This is the second book in the Candy Shop series by Sammi Carter.

The plot revolves around Abby, who is still adjusting to being newly divorced and to her role as the new owner of Divinity, a candy shop that was left to her by her Aunt Grace. The problem with this is that her cousins thought that they would inherit the shop and neither Abby nor her cousins can understand why the shop was left to her. In addition, the shop is located in a small town in Colorado, where Abby grew up. It is the sort of town where everyone knows everything and there are very little secrets.

A candy contest is underway and tensions are running pretty high. When a highly disliked contestant is murdered, Abby must involve herself in finding the murderer to help her cousin Karen, who is one of the suspects, as well as give the victim the peace she feels she deserves.

I am really enjoying this series. I recently read that the author signed a 3-book deal for the series. I hope that she does go beyond that. It's a great cozy with a lot of bite to it!


iliana said...

I can just see me gaining pounds while reading this series. It's totally something I would like. Sugar is my weakness :)

Kris said...

I enjoyed this book (and the first in the series also). I sure hope she goes beyond the 3rd book.


Anonymous said...

i thought the book was very interesting and i really enjoyed it. i chose this book to do a report on it and i am glaad i chose it.