Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kenneth J. Harvey

Yesterday I received an e-mail from author Kenneth J. Harvey in regards to the article that he wrote for The Times - UK edition. First off, I was so excited!! I mean, was it really from him or was someone playing a joke on me?! I was honored - truly :)

I had read the article earlier in the day, thanks to a link provided by Danielle (who has an awesome book blog. It's so pretty, too!) Mr. Harvey gives us his take on the whole James Frey debacle, while also addressing Banville's The Sea and the claims that this work of fiction might actually be based on truth/facts. It's a satirical piece that I really enjoyed!

The article is really funny. Take a look at it here.


lisa said...

That is a good link. I talked about the Frey thing a bit ago on Lam(b), there were a lot of comments on that one.

iliana said...

I did read that article - it was good wasn't it. And, I'm with you, Danielle has a wonderful blog. I visit all the time :)

Danielle said...

You guys are too nice!! Isn't it cool when an author sends an email. I have gotten a few when I have mentioned books on my blog. I guess they are just as curious to know who is reading their work as we are about them!