Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spicy Love Soup

Last Saturday, I was channel-surfing, enjoying a Saturday without a school deadline, when I came across AZN, or The Asian Network. A movie called Spicy Love Soup had just started, so I put my glasses on and sat back to enjoy the show. I am so glad that I did! This was a great movie! It had English subtitles, but for some strange reason I found myself raising the volume so that I could hear what the characters had to say. Like I really understood them. :)

The plotline revolves around 6 relationships in Beijing. Each relationship is captured in various stages, from chance meetings to break-ups. I loved the story that revolved around a couple who lost their spark and how they go about retrieving it. My husband ventured into the living room when this one was on and soon found himself engrossed with their story. The beginning of the movie was pretty funny, too. It starts with a couple eating and the gentleman finding the soup a bit too spicy. His girlfriend informs him that he has to meet her parents to see if they like him and determine if he is suitable for marriage. The next scene shows him getting ready for the meeting (dressing, etc.) and occasionally clutching his stomach. When he's about to leave, he doubles over and runs to the bathroom. Then...when he meets the parents, they end up going to the samne restaurant and eating the same soup! You just have to see this for yourself. I thought it was hilarious.

I definitely recommed that everyone sees this movie!

By the way, my major as an undergrad was Cultural Anthropology. I looovveee studying culture and human behavior. I especially enjoyed this film because it was made in Beijing by a Chinese director. It gave me the opportunity to view a slice of life that I cannot experience in a textbook. If anyone has any recommendations of indie/foreign films that they have enjoyed, please feel free to share! One that I highly recommend is City of God, based in Brazil. If you have not seen this one, get over to your local video store and rent it. I promise you that you will love it. It's too good to miss!


iliana said...

I'm a huge fan of foreign films and I do the same thing - I totally pay attention to the dialogue as if I could even remotely understand it! Too funny.

Amelia said...

LOL!!!! Maybe we're subconsciously trying to translate as we go!

Anonymous said...

i would love to find this movie... i was looking for it on google and nothing comes up (well, your site and a few reviews but no site that allow me to get a hold of it at all)
do you have any idea how i can get a copy of this???
i don't even know where to start
email me